Monday, March 9, 2009

Yeah I'm here

Been zoning in and out wit life lately...Telling y'all now the warm weather turns me into a Roe-Beast.....I'm hardly ever in the crib.....hardly. I don't run the streets like I used to but it's still gonna be catch me when you can....As all of you who have read this blog for any length of time, knows, I'm an East Coast dude with universal views,but I'm TROPICAL....Catch me in your nearest ocean or right there with a grill smoldering.....also shouts to my g from the WaveFoundation for the love and sending me the link to MadMen!!! Twitter folks, if you miss me here, I'm LiveBlogging, Not PTwittyBlogging, no offense I already figured out that Popeyes got better Chicken and biscuits than KFC,thanks Diddy......I'm here enjoying life, doing me, staying positive and feeling blessed........Toast Up Y'all. Take that second to tilt your head back, look up at the sun and give thanks for something. Even when I was broke as fuck, driving a broken down MPV and really in a dark rut, scraping change together with the couple dollar bills I had, I still managed to look thru that cracked sunroof and give thanks, cuz it could always be worse.

Couple other off the top shots to Mickey McFly because I see you harnessing your potential. Dioracat and Dex Von D for the positive energy they sent me today, and everyone who's been supporting the point I'm trying to get across with GUILTY, it's more than just me, it's y'all putting the energy behind it. That's POWER!!!!!!! Also Lex Beeezley for this "The Drum" beat, I'm inspired for this new Broady project............and the SUMMER.

much love famleeee


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Props to you too my dude

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