Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Steppin to the A.M with this 1. Beautiful spring day out here and peeps are just radiating. KRS 1 tonite and I'm stomping thru. Actually had the chance to freestyle on the radio and do a show with him a couple yrs. ago. What can I say it's the TEACHA!!!! Other than that just mobbing my usual way. Shout out to ALLLLLL the bloggers who showed love on that Guilty Party too. It's been alotttta love. Preciate that f'real, but even more just glad y'all felt it. Other than that just casting, waiting to get a call from the Rasta so I can go to the show the right way......oh also caught this over my man KHAN ONE blog, very very dope and artistic cat, actually put in some legendary work on the graph and design tip. This has me elevated.


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