Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Ghost

Styles P Speaks On Formation Of D-Block & More (14 Mins)

Easily one of my favorite Mcs'. EASILY. I always fucked wit S.P the Ghost the most out of the Lox back in the day, even tho everyone else always liked Kiss. It was something about his wordplay and voice that always had me. He reminded me of them classic street cypher cats who had THAT SHIT. The ability to come in the cypher and give you some simple yet complicated metaphors that you'd have to listen to every line to really peep. It just always had that raw feel. I mean he's held his own on tracks with BIG,Jay-Z,Nas,Ghostface,Beanie Siegel and countless others. Always repped streets 1st Industry second and has the ability to hop on r and b joints without them bein corny. Matter of fact he makes the r and b joints more accessible and grounded if anything. He is a cat who's work ethic is literally unmatched when it comes to putting out new shit for the streets. I always consider it a GREAT DAY when I get some new S.P to bump in the whip. This is the definition of grit your teeth and go hard in the gym music, that good old hop out the whip and backslap the first tender hearted cat you see and tell em to straighten up. The Ghost ladies and gents is definitely for you if you need that motivation to get EXTRA.

peep the new mixtape as well where he has bars aimed at the whole tight jeans movement these new cats is trying to get everybody on board with.............................If you rocking your jeans all tight like a female or listen to that tight jean colored music I recommend that you don't fuck wit artists like Styles P, DOOM or Ghostface cuz you may get your sensitive assed feelings hurt.

STYLES P Phantom Empire Mixtape