Friday, March 13, 2009


As y'all may know, my brother sent me a wii which is currently still in the same spot in the box on a corner of my guest room. I have wii sports which it comes with, but don't have any other games, though we'll probly get the wii fit and a mario bros game. That said I ran across this game which I DEFINITELY want to have to help me get back into gaming. Oh and your boy may be playing soccer aka football again after all these years. The Africans and the Mexicans get it in out here and I sort of miss having an organized activity. I could always hoop at the park with the fellas which I grew up doing. I always was very athletic. I played soccer for yrs, I played intramural basketball, I played highschool football, I wrestled, played baseball and softball and even roller bladed and skated. I made my own go carts with friends when we were kids and would have races....I've always been into being active, well at least up until my JR year of highschool when I was grinding differently and in a whole other zone preferring to get twisted and gamble the days away. I'm missing that activity now and will rectify it soon. That said I peeped a game that may officially make me break the wii out of the box.

Dig it

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