Saturday, February 28, 2009

On A Large Pro train of thought

Large Professor aka Extra P \"This cat is ILL!\"

been on this vibe for a's my homemade Large Pro tape.

grab it if yall want


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

new flavors in sb


peep their site

the homies at Univ know to hit me when they get that new SB shipment. They are one of those spots who gets those extra exclusive joints early....peep some of the new flaves. You will be seeing these bloggers and sneaker spots talking about some of these joints soon, but member where u saw em first. I'm not playing wit y'all this year.

The game is changin'


I had a convo the other day about the entertainment industry offering no real job security. We see people like Patti Labelle and Tina Turner in their 70's and 80's still touring and doing shows to have some income and maintain their lifestyle. In HipHop we don't really have any 50 and 60 year old rappers still doing tours and maintaining their images. The whole gist of HipHop is to shine and show the people how fresh you are and how rich you are. A rapper don't work no day job, they do records and get their "millions" from the art, but do they really?

As you all know, a million dollars isn't what it once was. If you purchase a home and a few cars and jewels your money is significantly dwindled. It's one of the reasons we see so many broke and starving mc;s who we all thought were doing sooo well. It's like if you're an mc you can't work. You can't let anyone see you "a star" getting a day job to supplement your income. You would rather be bankrupt and poor than have your illusion dissappear. I think that as kids we looked up to rappers and ballplayers as the ultimate alternative to 9 to 5 jobs our parents had. It was a "we'll" live our culture and have fun and be rich mindstate. This is doing an injustice to the kids today who need to realize that rap money is nothing more than just a supplemental income or money to invest or a savings account. It is not money to fall back on and act like "that's it" we got 250 thousand and can retire.

We also need to realize that the culture is aging and we really don't have any examples of what rap retirement looks like. We don't know what the outcome is yet for our culture. How are the people monetarily? Will they have to put out albums and tour forever to live comfortably later in life? Is this a viable occupation that we should have kids looking up to and taking seriously?

Understand that you are only as good as your last hit, if you ever get one. That ringtone money gets taxed and more times than not the people managing your money are in it for their check and don't care about you being broke. Look at the NBA or NFL for instance. I read a stat that something like 60% go broke some yrs after they leave the league. This is because their income stops and they are still spending the same as they were. Without properly investing your dollars they are sure to leave you. I know this is a lil rantish, but it's something I've been thinking about lately, now that we're all getting older. Where do rappers go when they grow up?
50 cent-32
Snoop Dogg-37
Shawty Lo-37
Busta Rhymes-35
Fat Joe-38
Jim Jones-33
Freekey Zekey-34
Ice Cube-39
Tony Yayo-31
Royce Da 5'9-31
Rick Ross-33
Dj Khaled(real name- Khaled Khaled)- 33
Styles P-34
Beanie Sigel-34
Clipse-32 & 34

In a NewOrleans state of mind


So I just returned from the New Orleans road trip. A beautiful journey really, more inspiration seeing people who have been wiped out putting their lives back together. New Orleans has been like a 3rd or 4th home to me for these last 10 yrs. Blame it on the food and creole women. Mardi Gras was phenomenal, saw Kid Rock and some other folks getting it in. I'm thinking about actually moving down there eventually and settling in, building something from scratch. I've got alot of love for Atlanta, but my energy here is not the same. The hey day of the late 90's early 2000's is gone. The growth hasn't been what I thought it would be. It may just be me getting more mature, ready to settle myself. I have visions of just having a boat and a fishing rod in my hand. The laptop wll be there as well just to keep me up to speed, but I'm really feeling as though I can fall back.

Now realize that the whole city did not flood and also realize that black people were not the only ones affected and left behind by the Gov't. N.O is a place that you have to experience,touch,taste,smell for yourself. No one can really describe the vibe or the feeling in the air. There is an electricity which most big and older cities have that Nawlins possesses as well. We got there Friday and almost immediately got it in with the grub. I'm talkin bout Deanies. The plate you see at the top of the page is their seafood feast. Soft Shell Crab,oysters,catfish,oysters,stuffed crawfish and more......I easily could have fallen out off of that. I mean that's the easy way to see why the high blood pressure levels are thru the roof. That's the obcene amount of food they put in front of your face at this spot.

After we left there we caught the Endymion parade and caught beads, saw titties being flashed and had ridiculous fun. I'm still getting my head together from everything so I haven't uploaded all my photos but more coming soon, just wanted to touch the blog up since it's been a minute.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WHO WAN' ROMP WIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Get your face splacked off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in one of those moods. The energy building up........I'm getting amped for no reason other than the fact that I was a lil down earlier this week, feeling like I was catching a cold, but I thugged it out. Now I'm back on nation building and spreading love...........

I know y'all wanna step inside my astral plane...............well dig this.........Come on in.

I'm here.............

current vibrations


Listening to this Dilla tribute from Stevo out of Germany. He's like a Jaylib apprentice and has multiple free instramentals out on line.........Look for his name to get a lil bigger, cuz he's definitely grinding. Taking it from the Dilla and Madlib perspective of just putting out albums of beats till you start to buzz.

MUFFINS for Dilla by Stevo


can i

fall in love

I also just got Detroit 9000 the movie, so I'm about to sink my teeth into that. I saw some of it before, but fell out before the end so I'm back on it.This is one of those movies that was said to be a heavy influence on Tarantino.

All in all good vibe with me currently.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009



What's going down y'all?

This post I'm delving into self. You ever feel conflicted about which way to go down that fork in the road? Well it seems like I'm over here at the Circles feeling my inner demons battle for supremacy. Some back story first.

10 yrs ago I was finishing up with school as a Communications major. I was 22. I was also planning on being a millionare by the age of 25. I was killing open mics, performing with legends and getting recognized for my writing and poetry. I had an apartment in downtown Atlanta, was dating chicks from various cultures and backgrounds, partying heavily and was really making my path. I also had just entered a dark period of life as my grandpops passed and I had broken up with a girl I loved. I was working for a record store and freelancing with different magazines and even appearing in some.

The thing was that I was still very young,naive and just not giving a fuck. I had these dreams of having my own magazine,clothing line and record label. NO ONE could stop me. I ignored my elders who knew I was talented but told me "hey go into a specialized field to fall back on".. That was defeatist to me because I felt like I was not going to fail, like I had life all wrapped up. I mean I was broke and still hitting off models, I had good connections, shit AG Entertainment gave me free reign at all the clubs they hosted and I was printing cd covers and shit for dudes like Drama and Def Jam South. I was flying high until I quit my job and became a nomad. I was working here and there and was really pursuing the music. It was during this period that I found out that the record industry has no love for itself and chews people up and dribbles them out. I found out how cold and dishonest people could be. I found out that you may eat today and starve tomorrow and no one cares.

I never asked for help and was blessed to have a female to hold me down. I dug myself out of an immense dark tunnel to get to where I am now. I AM STILL NOWHERE YET. I may have a house and a couple cars and wonderful friends and family, yet still I have this sense that I should be doing more. Life is a journey and a struggle and I know this. I just feel that I need a new sense of purpose and fulfillment. I am restless and am seeking new ways to find peace. I need to focus in now more than ever and find that new path. I haven't spoken to God in a while. I only mention this because I used to see the signs and hear the voice leading me in a direction. Yes, the voice and Lord knows I haven't been in a church in over 10 years. I just feel like I need that new guidance so that I can make that definitive move that takes away the worries I have about the future. I'm not trying to bounce job to job, I'm trying to build career wise and open up an Internet Cafe eventually. I still have very lofty goals. The only problem is that I'm standing at that fork and I could go left or I could go right.

I'm just standing here looking in both directions........................................................................................................


Monday, February 16, 2009



OK, yeah I see y'all out there like me trying to figure out how to live past 40. Well all thaat FRIED CHICKEN every day AIN't gonna cut it. I know we all slip for that finger licking salty grease, but honestly we can all do better.

Presenting 29 Healthiest foods on the Planet. This is the info we need to spread to each other.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Breaking Bad


that ladies and gentlemen is the grilchy Sat. Night fever look. Only 1 of 3 pics or vid I took the whole night. Actually Dallas said that we should charge people to see the zoo we saw last night.

yeah last night ended up breaking day with the big homie Dallas PENN and meeting the lovely Angela.

Yeah I know what y'all thinking. Damn "how you gon leave wifey on Valentines Day and go hardbody partying it up all night without her?" Well folks the answer is easier than you think. I celebrated Valentines Day Friday Night. I gave her a whole days worth of Valentines from between 7 and 10pm Fri night, so therefore it was easier for me to explain that Dallas don't come out here that often so we gotta get up and get a couple drinks and chill. She still was a helle's belles gatekeeper forcing me to take her out to dinner before I could go out and play.

Can't front. The dinner we had at Figo was right. Crab ravioli with the shrimp zuchini sauce and caesar salad had me already in the win column before I linked with Dallas and was introduced to Angela at the High Museum. It turns out they were having a Valentines Day Party and serving up $5 glasses of Alize. It was a nice icebreaker, shooting the shit and mixing up different flavors of Alize. From there we migrated about town to see what was up. Turns out 2 events were going on. Broke and Boujee and Sloppy Seconds. Choices are always good so we made our way out to lil 5 to see what was going down.

Dallas like myself doesn't pay for parking, so we found some on street parking a block away from the venue. I gotta give Angela props because we were going straight ninja and she was doing a good job of keeping up.
Anywhoo, I peeked my head in the venue and saw that they were charging 10 bills to hang out with kids who looked like they were still in High School. I was hoping it was just early, so I told D and Angela that we should check out Sloppy Seconds, because the venue(MJQ) is alot more chill and we could always come back.

We trooped back to the cars and made our way to the Q. As we arrived, Angela let us know that her man wasn't pleased and that she should go be with him and enjoy the night, which was cool because Angela seems very nice and the misadventures which were about to pop off were definitely on the more evil side. I haven't been to MJQ for a while, but in the late 90's early 2000's I was there getting it in, having a good time,yoking up a chick,getting blizzasted and feeling it the next day.

That said, I still knew a few of the folks there and we were able to dip in the back entrance and make our way into the heart of the club. It was still a little early so what I like to do is to grab a drink and head towards the front to see what the cast of characters is looking like as they walk in. It's sort of like the opening credits.

MJQ is an underground club, literally. It's under the ground and cavelike. You have to walk down a little concrete hill to enter the club and we were in the shadows by the door watching all the different characters who were entering. As soon as we found a perch, I turned to see this dude making a hasty exit, only thing was that he didn't manage to hit the door quick enough and he puked out his life. He did it in such a strategic spot that you would really have to be paying attention so as not to step in it as you were entering the spot. While Dallas was peeping that dude had had chicken and maybe noodles for dinner. It occured to me that the entrance had become a "Vomit Slide" and we were betting that someone would end up slipping and falling in it.
We watched for a while and no one had fallen yet, so we made our way to the back of the club. Now bare in mind that cats had gotten pretty zooted from the Alize at the Museum,beers in the club and a few L's of that OG Kush. We were hearing mash ups and seeing everyone from the upwardly mobile to the straight coked out ex stripper to the wanna be supermodel honies and players and pimps. So as we gripped up a few more drinks we took a seat by the stage. Some cat had fallen out on the seat next to us so we really didn't pay him no mind, but as he dragged himself up we noticed that he had pissed himself and left a puddle on the seat. Unfortnately we noticed it a couple seconds before some seemingly bougie chick had ploped her coat down on it. WINx2 for us for the night already and it wasn't even midnight yet. I ran into some promoters and firends I hadn't seen in a long time and met up with a few tender hearts who were extremely friendly with the hugs and libations. My dude C even sent a chick over to me saying " I got a liason for you for the night". Dallas of course was maintaining heavy and bugging off of the whole scene. It was a great evening already and as we made our way up to the entrance, we peeped some chick slip her high heel and have a free trip down the "vomitslide". YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE LOST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The funniest thing was that after we were watching folks tromp thru it, well everyone except for this ninja chick who straight sidestepped the shit, we finally hit pay dirt with the "vomitslide". There were a bunch of other things that transpired, like me almost getting kidnapped by some Australian chick who was feeding me tequila shots and us seeing cats play themselves, and some coke dealer dude who was there with 2 chicks spacing his face,but that damn "Vomitslide" took the night.

All in all alotta G'ing off and almost getting in trouble. There were at least 3 chicks who let it be known they were feeling real froggish and wanted to jump off, but we played it cool and just had one of those splashed out Saturday Nights. I got home around 4, to wifey waiting up and a pounding headache.......I got up and checked twitter and this fool Dallas was twitting it up as soon as he got home hahahahahahahahah. We was laced up...........had to twist a L and sip something just to sober up this morning.

Friday, February 13, 2009


NO Y'ALL (I replace the word HOMO wit Y'ALL))

BEhind The Screams 2

Aiight, a re up of the popular series I have running on the blog with a certain VIXEN . Told y'all we're gonna get deeper. Again very interesting. This time we deal with issues like racism,durability in the industry and the recession. Keep tuned in......peace.

We all know about racism in the industry, anything blatant that you've seen that you wanna expand on?
Well, unfortunately, due to the nature of the business, there's blatant racism and sexism absolutely everywhere. And I don't just mean about the girls, but the male performers too. But as far as racism, I guess the things that bug me the most are that I've known certain agents that will bar their female performers from performing with black male performers, especially when they're new. It's sometimes considered that a girl is getting "desperate" for work when she's done 100 scenes and is suddenly doing interracial. I personally think that's fucking ridiculous. But it is what it is. Another thing that really pisses me off is when girls get cast in scenes for a certain genre when they don't fit the genre in the least. Producers, please...if you're really desperate to fill that last scene in your Asian/Black/Latina movie, TRY to use a girl who's the right race. It's ridiculous when I see a girl who's been in (I'm making up titles here) Big Black Booty, Chinky Eyed Chicks, AND Luscious Latinas. Speaking of racism, let's not even talk about the titles of DVDs. It's terrible.

What cultural shifts have you noticed lately?
Hmm, I dunno about cultural shifts. If you mean race-wise, well, I guess all the typical "ethnic" porn is still as popular as ever. I don't really see the business going in new directions as far as race is concerned.

Have you noticed an upswing in alt-porn(suicide girl)type chicks as opposed to the normal blondes or brunettes?
There's definitely been an upswing in the alt-porn girls and their popularity in the last 4 years or so. They're not just popular in the business and with porn consumers, but in the mainstream entertainment industry as well. But I'll talk about that later. Directors like Eon McKai and performers like Joanna Angel have been doing the alt-porn thing real big for about 5 years or so now. It took a little while to catch on, but then alt-porn really blew up. There's certainly room for all types of girls in this business though. No matter who you are or what you look like, there's a niche or a genre for you. People will shoot girls no matter what.

What's the typical lifespan of a star these days before they start dealing with the wear and tear and burnout?
That really depends on the girl, to be honest, and how much she wants to work. It also depends on what the girl wants to do in this business. If she wants to make money, then she'll do the greatest amount of scenes possible in the shortest amount of time and get the fuck out. Usually within a year or less. I call girls like that ones with "hustler mentality" because they're all about the Benjamins, and that's it. Some of these girls are even lesbians, or don't even like sex at all. I like this type of girl the least. If the girl wants to be the next Jenna Jameson, then she'll do a scene here or there, and try to get in good with the right people for a contract. Then she'll ruin her body and get terrible implants. (And a little sidenote to girls out there, you won't be the next Jenna Jameson, You have to know what the fuck you're doing, know how to manage your money, and your "career". Not many people in general, not just porn stars, these days know how to do any of those things, let alone all of them.) Last are the girls that like sex, and like the business, and have a good head on their shoulders. These girls can last for years.

There's contract girls doing mainstream roles in tv shows and movies, why do you think they're getting that acceptance?
I think the only real contract stars doing anything in mainstream tv shows and movies are Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick. All the other contract stars doing "mainstream" stuff are doing straight to DVD movies, Skinamax movies, or some B movie type shit. Lately the girls that get the most play from mainstream are actually the alt-porn girls. The funny thing is these girls also get a lot of publicity in the mainstream enterntainment industry because of their crossover appeal. They don't all have fake tits and hair extensions. They look like that one hot chick at the record store you've always wanted to bang. Or the girl that works at the coffee shop.

How do alot of people break into the industry these days? Net Modeling and dancing or are there new methods?
Honestly, most people get into the business through agents. Agents are putting out ads on craigslist, in local papers, they're going to strip clubs and colleges to recruit, it's crazy. They're out there.

Are the stars really in their own other world outside of "reality" or are they just regular folk who fuck on film for a living, y'know, regular girls next door?
I hate generalizing. Again, it depends on the girl, really. I'd have to say, 90% of the girls I worked with, are just regular folk who fuck on film for a living. They're normal people, not just drugged out dirty whores. Porn stars are considerably less "dirty" than your regular girl. They have sex, over the course of their whole career, with maybe about 6 guys, the same 6 guys over and over again. If they're in the business for a few years, then maybe that number goes up a little bit. And they get tested every 2 weeks, which is more than I can say for almost every girl I know that DOESN'T fuck for a living. The guys are usually a little more into the scene than the girls, but the ones that have been working for a long time, they're just regular people with regular lives. (Well, other than the fact that they fuck for a living, but you get my drift.)

How is the industry adapting to the recession?
Not well. A lot of the smaller shittier companies are closing their doors and just yesterday I heard the news that a big distribution company closed down, too. Unfortunately the industry, much like mainstream, didn't pay enough attention to the rise of piracy on the internet, or to internet trends. Most companies didn't step up their game on their websites, didn't stop selling VHS till recently, those kinds of things. They didn't pay attention to the consumer's changing viewing formats. And now they're paying for it. I'm hoping this means that there won't be 389583158394 companies out there anymore, all putting out sub par shit, but just several smart companies that are putting out quality smut.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

guess i feel like blogging

Its been a long time..................shouldn't have left...yes I should have. Man for get y'all. Same time here chew on some music from the fams.

still getting it in on the creativity thru expression. Some music from right in this family, straight out the household. Just a light taste, we have volumes and volumes. Life moves on and things change but the music and love remains forever. This drop is dedicated to Chop. Hold your head and come home soon, we miss you.

Hope y'all enjoy.



NYC freestyle

Pretty Ugily


High after High

Thin Air

Death of the MC

Sunday, February 8, 2009

had a great weekend


started off wild for the Friday Night at the Bench, nice show and vibing with some of the team.......Got home late and had dinner at 4am. Saturday, ended up getting rid of one of the pups and getting the feng shui back in the crib..Got the harddrive over to Lex to get my huge music and movie library back into my hands.Had a dope lunch and a couple brews, and relaxed. Continued Sunday by a beautiful Springlike day. Hit up the Park and had some lizzzunch overlooking the city. Got home and maxed and bout to hit up kil and build, probly twist and enjoy breathing. I'm back folks.

One of my fave Dilla Jawns

Yeah, as a fan I've been listening to Dilla since the mid 90's.

This is one of my favorite productions from JD. It isn't big budget or intricate, but the vibe really works for me as a whole. I never met JD in person, but always felt when he spoke thru the music. I almost prematurely met him a few years ago after he had passed away. I was on my way to a Dilla tribute concert and was almost murdered. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time walking down a dark block where a couple heads had been hanging out. I was walking up on these 2 cats who appeared to be cool and were talking........I was just over one of their shoulders when the dude facing him pulled out and licked off 5 shots, blam, blam,blam,blam,blam.............I ducked(after the shots went off, naw my Matrix wasn't good that night) I noticed the dude who was the target just stood real still, then just collapsed,dead. I got up and rubbed on my chest cuz I couldn't believe that I hadn't been hit. There were sparks in my face and everything. Shit had my on some stay in the house shit for a while after that..........Nonetheless.TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT.

I still went to the dilla tribute and had people buying me drinks and trying to get me out of shock. This song right here makes me zone out to that evening and soak in everything that could have happened. The song is sadness, but it keeps me peaceful and introspective more than anything.

A Spring-Summer Monster

I'm a tropical dude....I get Live when it gets warm out. Tend to get my road trip on and go in......whether it's dope restaurants in Savannah or dipping a few hrs out to Florida for a day or 2. We tend to get it in...I could even just chill at the house and spark up the grill, have some drinks and some peeps over and lounge heavy. That said......I'm getting into my hot weather mindstate..
PhotobucketI can play some Air Toki Lux dis summer

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Behind The Screams

My first semi interview for the blog, with a very cool young lady who works behind the scenes in the porn industry. Some very interesting insights into how the wheels turn in this billion dollar industry. Stay tuned we'll be having more from her periodically. Also feel free to check her blog, where she keeps it lively as well. Peep RIGHT HERE


Anyways, start with your background and how you got involved in the industry.
My background, well I've always worked in corporate America, but I was working for a friend of the family who was a doctor, and as it turned out, he had a lot of patients that were in the business. One of them hired me away from the doctor to be a personal assistant and publicist, so it just jumped off from there.

Some of the companies you've worked for.
Let's see, I've worked for: Vivid/New Sensations/Pulse Distribution directly, (and a few other companies I'd rather not mention, hella shady) but worked with a few other companies throughout the time I've been in the business.

Crazy shit that's happened on set. Two things come to mind at first. One, I was on the set, as a PM for a friend who was a director, Bryan Xin. He was shooting his movie Pervasian, and we had Lucy Lee and Kurt Lockwood working together. Everything was cool, they had worked together before, and liked each other just fine. We get through the entire scene, last position before the cum shot. Then Kurt decides to put his foot on Lucy's head in doggy. She squirms away, he does it again. She tries to signal to him, since the camera is rolling, to take his foot off, and he doesn't. Lucy trips the FUCK OUT. She jumps up, and starts telling him, "Why'd you put your fucking foot on my FACE!" It all went downhill from there. They started with name calling, then it developed into screaming, and then it almost turned into a physical fight. Lucy's friend, the director, and the owner of the house were holding her back, and trying not to hurt her, and I had to drag Kurt's ass out the door. Worst part about it was that the scene was just about done, too.

Wildest thing I've seen...that's a hard one. Especially since as time progresses, what I consider wild gets a bit more and more crazy. If you mean on set, then the story with Lucy and Kurt. Otherwise, damn, it's hard to say.

Ever witnessed any straight too drunk or too high to fuck scenes?
Hmm...there was one scene, which is one of my favorite stories about the business. This girl shows up to the set 2 hours late. Her agent kept telling me she was on her way and finally he had to go pick her ass up and bring her to set. This girl clearly had been tweaking all night. She gets undressed, then I notice that she has multiple bruises on the right side of her leg. And large bruises, at that. She didn't even bring any of the right wardrobe, either. Turns out her story is, her roommate threw her out of her house, down a flight of stairs and she had to take her shit and go to a hotel. The director is pissed. He doesn't want to shoot her but I convince him to just go through with the scene since everybody's ready and waiting. So we shoot the scene. Midway through that scene, the next girl, Sandra Romaine, shows up. (I love her, by the way, she's fucking great. Great body, great attitude, fucks like nobody's business.) She goes to the bathroom and comes back, and whispers to me, "Um, did you give the girl a douche?" I told her I did. She says, "Well...then I'm surprised the scene is still going because I saw something gross in the trashcan." When there's a cut in the scene, the director comes over and tells me that the girl is hella dirty, and...let's just say in terms of personal hygiene...the phrase "cottage cheese" didn't do this girl justice. That's all I gotta say about that.

Best performers, well, I guess that depends on what you mean by best. For me, best is probably different than what the viewer considers best. I personally like a good attitude, a good work ethic, and liking what they actually do for a living. One of my absolute favorite performers is Gianna Michaels. I've worked with her several times, and every single time she was great. I've kicked it with her off set and she's a great girl. She's gonna make some lucky bastard happy one day. As a matter of fact, I even propositioned her once to be my live in partner, kind of as a joke. (I don't think I'm woman enough to handle her.) She looked me straight in the eye, and said, "Girl, if you mean that, I'm down. If someone wants to take care of me, I will fuck you right EVERY NIGHT. I'll do whatever you like." I damn near fainted. Best male performer, well I personally like Manuel Ferrara. He gets the job done, and done right. And he's a cool dude. He's hilarious. He has great taste in movies. What else can I say?

Worst performers, I don't like to put people out there, but I'll say this, none of the members of the "mope squad" should ever do actual b/g sex scenes. They're so used to just BJs and jacking off, they damn near forgot how to actually fuck. As for females, well, I've noticed that the ones that look more like 90s pornstars (really, really fake tits, fake hair, and plastic looking faces) tend to be really uptight and uppity. I hate working with girls like that because they don't come to set acting like they're there to work. They come to set thinking you need to kiss their ass, and that doesn't go over well with me.

The usual atmosphere on the sets I've worked on has always been really low key and mellow. Contrary to popular belief, the performers and everyone else are just there to do a job. That's it. The sets I've been on, it wasn't like Boogie Nights 24/7. I think too, because it's usually only myself, the makeup artist, and the director I work with, it puts everyone at ease, especially the girls. Plenty of girls have told me that they really liked the environment because it was open and friendly. The guys always liked it because they didn't ever feel rushed or pressured. When I was casting I always made sure to put together people who had chemistry or who wanted to actually work together. I think all sets should be like that. Maybe better porn would get made.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Its a recession

All my people's grind it out the best you can. Feel blessed for what you have. Yor loved ones,your cars,jobs,a roof over your head. My best wishes is with y'all and that we can make it out of this ok. Take this as a time to focus in on the bigger picture and use the internet to get you out there. Theres so much information available it's crazy. We got a new prez so we have to wait and see what comes, but that past 8, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

HipHop in these days and times

Yeah my updates have been a little scampi lately, but I haven't been slumpt. I've been on twitter. I have been listening to this QTip blend cd and some other medicine..................I have noticed that the corn have gotten cornier and the thoro becoming fewer and farther between. I think the most offensive to me is meeting up with kids whose opinions I have to value when they were never on the front lines regarding the culture. Some of them may not even own more than 5 or 6 Rap Cds(2 of those being Eminem cds), yet want to be seen as an authority "knowing" more about HipHop than you. They are A&Rs, mountain climbing and playing electric guitars and loking for that clean bar of soap. We don't acknowledge these clowns in our daily operations, but let me take this post to let them know....It's done.

These are some of the bruthas and e-thugs you may find yourself shaking your head at as they make these statements telling you what "real" HipHop is....................and trust me they probably don't have the same top 5 you do.