Friday, February 13, 2009

BEhind The Screams 2

Aiight, a re up of the popular series I have running on the blog with a certain VIXEN . Told y'all we're gonna get deeper. Again very interesting. This time we deal with issues like racism,durability in the industry and the recession. Keep tuned in......peace.

We all know about racism in the industry, anything blatant that you've seen that you wanna expand on?
Well, unfortunately, due to the nature of the business, there's blatant racism and sexism absolutely everywhere. And I don't just mean about the girls, but the male performers too. But as far as racism, I guess the things that bug me the most are that I've known certain agents that will bar their female performers from performing with black male performers, especially when they're new. It's sometimes considered that a girl is getting "desperate" for work when she's done 100 scenes and is suddenly doing interracial. I personally think that's fucking ridiculous. But it is what it is. Another thing that really pisses me off is when girls get cast in scenes for a certain genre when they don't fit the genre in the least. Producers, please...if you're really desperate to fill that last scene in your Asian/Black/Latina movie, TRY to use a girl who's the right race. It's ridiculous when I see a girl who's been in (I'm making up titles here) Big Black Booty, Chinky Eyed Chicks, AND Luscious Latinas. Speaking of racism, let's not even talk about the titles of DVDs. It's terrible.

What cultural shifts have you noticed lately?
Hmm, I dunno about cultural shifts. If you mean race-wise, well, I guess all the typical "ethnic" porn is still as popular as ever. I don't really see the business going in new directions as far as race is concerned.

Have you noticed an upswing in alt-porn(suicide girl)type chicks as opposed to the normal blondes or brunettes?
There's definitely been an upswing in the alt-porn girls and their popularity in the last 4 years or so. They're not just popular in the business and with porn consumers, but in the mainstream entertainment industry as well. But I'll talk about that later. Directors like Eon McKai and performers like Joanna Angel have been doing the alt-porn thing real big for about 5 years or so now. It took a little while to catch on, but then alt-porn really blew up. There's certainly room for all types of girls in this business though. No matter who you are or what you look like, there's a niche or a genre for you. People will shoot girls no matter what.

What's the typical lifespan of a star these days before they start dealing with the wear and tear and burnout?
That really depends on the girl, to be honest, and how much she wants to work. It also depends on what the girl wants to do in this business. If she wants to make money, then she'll do the greatest amount of scenes possible in the shortest amount of time and get the fuck out. Usually within a year or less. I call girls like that ones with "hustler mentality" because they're all about the Benjamins, and that's it. Some of these girls are even lesbians, or don't even like sex at all. I like this type of girl the least. If the girl wants to be the next Jenna Jameson, then she'll do a scene here or there, and try to get in good with the right people for a contract. Then she'll ruin her body and get terrible implants. (And a little sidenote to girls out there, you won't be the next Jenna Jameson, You have to know what the fuck you're doing, know how to manage your money, and your "career". Not many people in general, not just porn stars, these days know how to do any of those things, let alone all of them.) Last are the girls that like sex, and like the business, and have a good head on their shoulders. These girls can last for years.

There's contract girls doing mainstream roles in tv shows and movies, why do you think they're getting that acceptance?
I think the only real contract stars doing anything in mainstream tv shows and movies are Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick. All the other contract stars doing "mainstream" stuff are doing straight to DVD movies, Skinamax movies, or some B movie type shit. Lately the girls that get the most play from mainstream are actually the alt-porn girls. The funny thing is these girls also get a lot of publicity in the mainstream enterntainment industry because of their crossover appeal. They don't all have fake tits and hair extensions. They look like that one hot chick at the record store you've always wanted to bang. Or the girl that works at the coffee shop.

How do alot of people break into the industry these days? Net Modeling and dancing or are there new methods?
Honestly, most people get into the business through agents. Agents are putting out ads on craigslist, in local papers, they're going to strip clubs and colleges to recruit, it's crazy. They're out there.

Are the stars really in their own other world outside of "reality" or are they just regular folk who fuck on film for a living, y'know, regular girls next door?
I hate generalizing. Again, it depends on the girl, really. I'd have to say, 90% of the girls I worked with, are just regular folk who fuck on film for a living. They're normal people, not just drugged out dirty whores. Porn stars are considerably less "dirty" than your regular girl. They have sex, over the course of their whole career, with maybe about 6 guys, the same 6 guys over and over again. If they're in the business for a few years, then maybe that number goes up a little bit. And they get tested every 2 weeks, which is more than I can say for almost every girl I know that DOESN'T fuck for a living. The guys are usually a little more into the scene than the girls, but the ones that have been working for a long time, they're just regular people with regular lives. (Well, other than the fact that they fuck for a living, but you get my drift.)

How is the industry adapting to the recession?
Not well. A lot of the smaller shittier companies are closing their doors and just yesterday I heard the news that a big distribution company closed down, too. Unfortunately the industry, much like mainstream, didn't pay enough attention to the rise of piracy on the internet, or to internet trends. Most companies didn't step up their game on their websites, didn't stop selling VHS till recently, those kinds of things. They didn't pay attention to the consumer's changing viewing formats. And now they're paying for it. I'm hoping this means that there won't be 389583158394 companies out there anymore, all putting out sub par shit, but just several smart companies that are putting out quality smut.


Mikey McFly™ said...

Love this series fam...i actually planned on interviewing a porn star a while ago

Dioracat said...

Which one? Just as a friendly tip, if I were you, and you DO interview her, ask her some real questions, about herself and her life and what she likes or doesn't like. The girls have been asked " you like to fuck? When did you lose your virginity?" and all that about 79879324 times. They appreciate being treated like a regular person just like anyone else.

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