Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In a NewOrleans state of mind


So I just returned from the New Orleans road trip. A beautiful journey really, more inspiration seeing people who have been wiped out putting their lives back together. New Orleans has been like a 3rd or 4th home to me for these last 10 yrs. Blame it on the food and creole women. Mardi Gras was phenomenal, saw Kid Rock and some other folks getting it in. I'm thinking about actually moving down there eventually and settling in, building something from scratch. I've got alot of love for Atlanta, but my energy here is not the same. The hey day of the late 90's early 2000's is gone. The growth hasn't been what I thought it would be. It may just be me getting more mature, ready to settle myself. I have visions of just having a boat and a fishing rod in my hand. The laptop wll be there as well just to keep me up to speed, but I'm really feeling as though I can fall back.

Now realize that the whole city did not flood and also realize that black people were not the only ones affected and left behind by the Gov't. N.O is a place that you have to experience,touch,taste,smell for yourself. No one can really describe the vibe or the feeling in the air. There is an electricity which most big and older cities have that Nawlins possesses as well. We got there Friday and almost immediately got it in with the grub. I'm talkin bout Deanies. The plate you see at the top of the page is their seafood feast. Soft Shell Crab,oysters,catfish,oysters,stuffed crawfish and more......I easily could have fallen out off of that. I mean that's the easy way to see why the high blood pressure levels are thru the roof. That's the obcene amount of food they put in front of your face at this spot.

After we left there we caught the Endymion parade and caught beads, saw titties being flashed and had ridiculous fun. I'm still getting my head together from everything so I haven't uploaded all my photos but more coming soon, just wanted to touch the blog up since it's been a minute.

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