Sunday, February 15, 2009

Breaking Bad


that ladies and gentlemen is the grilchy Sat. Night fever look. Only 1 of 3 pics or vid I took the whole night. Actually Dallas said that we should charge people to see the zoo we saw last night.

yeah last night ended up breaking day with the big homie Dallas PENN and meeting the lovely Angela.

Yeah I know what y'all thinking. Damn "how you gon leave wifey on Valentines Day and go hardbody partying it up all night without her?" Well folks the answer is easier than you think. I celebrated Valentines Day Friday Night. I gave her a whole days worth of Valentines from between 7 and 10pm Fri night, so therefore it was easier for me to explain that Dallas don't come out here that often so we gotta get up and get a couple drinks and chill. She still was a helle's belles gatekeeper forcing me to take her out to dinner before I could go out and play.

Can't front. The dinner we had at Figo was right. Crab ravioli with the shrimp zuchini sauce and caesar salad had me already in the win column before I linked with Dallas and was introduced to Angela at the High Museum. It turns out they were having a Valentines Day Party and serving up $5 glasses of Alize. It was a nice icebreaker, shooting the shit and mixing up different flavors of Alize. From there we migrated about town to see what was up. Turns out 2 events were going on. Broke and Boujee and Sloppy Seconds. Choices are always good so we made our way out to lil 5 to see what was going down.

Dallas like myself doesn't pay for parking, so we found some on street parking a block away from the venue. I gotta give Angela props because we were going straight ninja and she was doing a good job of keeping up.
Anywhoo, I peeked my head in the venue and saw that they were charging 10 bills to hang out with kids who looked like they were still in High School. I was hoping it was just early, so I told D and Angela that we should check out Sloppy Seconds, because the venue(MJQ) is alot more chill and we could always come back.

We trooped back to the cars and made our way to the Q. As we arrived, Angela let us know that her man wasn't pleased and that she should go be with him and enjoy the night, which was cool because Angela seems very nice and the misadventures which were about to pop off were definitely on the more evil side. I haven't been to MJQ for a while, but in the late 90's early 2000's I was there getting it in, having a good time,yoking up a chick,getting blizzasted and feeling it the next day.

That said, I still knew a few of the folks there and we were able to dip in the back entrance and make our way into the heart of the club. It was still a little early so what I like to do is to grab a drink and head towards the front to see what the cast of characters is looking like as they walk in. It's sort of like the opening credits.

MJQ is an underground club, literally. It's under the ground and cavelike. You have to walk down a little concrete hill to enter the club and we were in the shadows by the door watching all the different characters who were entering. As soon as we found a perch, I turned to see this dude making a hasty exit, only thing was that he didn't manage to hit the door quick enough and he puked out his life. He did it in such a strategic spot that you would really have to be paying attention so as not to step in it as you were entering the spot. While Dallas was peeping that dude had had chicken and maybe noodles for dinner. It occured to me that the entrance had become a "Vomit Slide" and we were betting that someone would end up slipping and falling in it.
We watched for a while and no one had fallen yet, so we made our way to the back of the club. Now bare in mind that cats had gotten pretty zooted from the Alize at the Museum,beers in the club and a few L's of that OG Kush. We were hearing mash ups and seeing everyone from the upwardly mobile to the straight coked out ex stripper to the wanna be supermodel honies and players and pimps. So as we gripped up a few more drinks we took a seat by the stage. Some cat had fallen out on the seat next to us so we really didn't pay him no mind, but as he dragged himself up we noticed that he had pissed himself and left a puddle on the seat. Unfortnately we noticed it a couple seconds before some seemingly bougie chick had ploped her coat down on it. WINx2 for us for the night already and it wasn't even midnight yet. I ran into some promoters and firends I hadn't seen in a long time and met up with a few tender hearts who were extremely friendly with the hugs and libations. My dude C even sent a chick over to me saying " I got a liason for you for the night". Dallas of course was maintaining heavy and bugging off of the whole scene. It was a great evening already and as we made our way up to the entrance, we peeped some chick slip her high heel and have a free trip down the "vomitslide". YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE LOST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The funniest thing was that after we were watching folks tromp thru it, well everyone except for this ninja chick who straight sidestepped the shit, we finally hit pay dirt with the "vomitslide". There were a bunch of other things that transpired, like me almost getting kidnapped by some Australian chick who was feeding me tequila shots and us seeing cats play themselves, and some coke dealer dude who was there with 2 chicks spacing his face,but that damn "Vomitslide" took the night.

All in all alotta G'ing off and almost getting in trouble. There were at least 3 chicks who let it be known they were feeling real froggish and wanted to jump off, but we played it cool and just had one of those splashed out Saturday Nights. I got home around 4, to wifey waiting up and a pounding headache.......I got up and checked twitter and this fool Dallas was twitting it up as soon as he got home hahahahahahahahah. We was laced up...........had to twist a L and sip something just to sober up this morning.


Dallas said...

good looks on leaving me the remainder of that last el. I have to call it an el since we didn't take no L's that night.

good times homey, we gon' do it hardbody one more time before I go back up top.

M said...

whenever you redddy to go IN, remember it's a lifestyle.

Angela said...

I wish I was a cool as you two ;-)