Saturday, February 7, 2009

Behind The Screams

My first semi interview for the blog, with a very cool young lady who works behind the scenes in the porn industry. Some very interesting insights into how the wheels turn in this billion dollar industry. Stay tuned we'll be having more from her periodically. Also feel free to check her blog, where she keeps it lively as well. Peep RIGHT HERE


Anyways, start with your background and how you got involved in the industry.
My background, well I've always worked in corporate America, but I was working for a friend of the family who was a doctor, and as it turned out, he had a lot of patients that were in the business. One of them hired me away from the doctor to be a personal assistant and publicist, so it just jumped off from there.

Some of the companies you've worked for.
Let's see, I've worked for: Vivid/New Sensations/Pulse Distribution directly, (and a few other companies I'd rather not mention, hella shady) but worked with a few other companies throughout the time I've been in the business.

Crazy shit that's happened on set. Two things come to mind at first. One, I was on the set, as a PM for a friend who was a director, Bryan Xin. He was shooting his movie Pervasian, and we had Lucy Lee and Kurt Lockwood working together. Everything was cool, they had worked together before, and liked each other just fine. We get through the entire scene, last position before the cum shot. Then Kurt decides to put his foot on Lucy's head in doggy. She squirms away, he does it again. She tries to signal to him, since the camera is rolling, to take his foot off, and he doesn't. Lucy trips the FUCK OUT. She jumps up, and starts telling him, "Why'd you put your fucking foot on my FACE!" It all went downhill from there. They started with name calling, then it developed into screaming, and then it almost turned into a physical fight. Lucy's friend, the director, and the owner of the house were holding her back, and trying not to hurt her, and I had to drag Kurt's ass out the door. Worst part about it was that the scene was just about done, too.

Wildest thing I've seen...that's a hard one. Especially since as time progresses, what I consider wild gets a bit more and more crazy. If you mean on set, then the story with Lucy and Kurt. Otherwise, damn, it's hard to say.

Ever witnessed any straight too drunk or too high to fuck scenes?
Hmm...there was one scene, which is one of my favorite stories about the business. This girl shows up to the set 2 hours late. Her agent kept telling me she was on her way and finally he had to go pick her ass up and bring her to set. This girl clearly had been tweaking all night. She gets undressed, then I notice that she has multiple bruises on the right side of her leg. And large bruises, at that. She didn't even bring any of the right wardrobe, either. Turns out her story is, her roommate threw her out of her house, down a flight of stairs and she had to take her shit and go to a hotel. The director is pissed. He doesn't want to shoot her but I convince him to just go through with the scene since everybody's ready and waiting. So we shoot the scene. Midway through that scene, the next girl, Sandra Romaine, shows up. (I love her, by the way, she's fucking great. Great body, great attitude, fucks like nobody's business.) She goes to the bathroom and comes back, and whispers to me, "Um, did you give the girl a douche?" I told her I did. She says, "Well...then I'm surprised the scene is still going because I saw something gross in the trashcan." When there's a cut in the scene, the director comes over and tells me that the girl is hella dirty, and...let's just say in terms of personal hygiene...the phrase "cottage cheese" didn't do this girl justice. That's all I gotta say about that.

Best performers, well, I guess that depends on what you mean by best. For me, best is probably different than what the viewer considers best. I personally like a good attitude, a good work ethic, and liking what they actually do for a living. One of my absolute favorite performers is Gianna Michaels. I've worked with her several times, and every single time she was great. I've kicked it with her off set and she's a great girl. She's gonna make some lucky bastard happy one day. As a matter of fact, I even propositioned her once to be my live in partner, kind of as a joke. (I don't think I'm woman enough to handle her.) She looked me straight in the eye, and said, "Girl, if you mean that, I'm down. If someone wants to take care of me, I will fuck you right EVERY NIGHT. I'll do whatever you like." I damn near fainted. Best male performer, well I personally like Manuel Ferrara. He gets the job done, and done right. And he's a cool dude. He's hilarious. He has great taste in movies. What else can I say?

Worst performers, I don't like to put people out there, but I'll say this, none of the members of the "mope squad" should ever do actual b/g sex scenes. They're so used to just BJs and jacking off, they damn near forgot how to actually fuck. As for females, well, I've noticed that the ones that look more like 90s pornstars (really, really fake tits, fake hair, and plastic looking faces) tend to be really uptight and uppity. I hate working with girls like that because they don't come to set acting like they're there to work. They come to set thinking you need to kiss their ass, and that doesn't go over well with me.

The usual atmosphere on the sets I've worked on has always been really low key and mellow. Contrary to popular belief, the performers and everyone else are just there to do a job. That's it. The sets I've been on, it wasn't like Boogie Nights 24/7. I think too, because it's usually only myself, the makeup artist, and the director I work with, it puts everyone at ease, especially the girls. Plenty of girls have told me that they really liked the environment because it was open and friendly. The guys always liked it because they didn't ever feel rushed or pressured. When I was casting I always made sure to put together people who had chemistry or who wanted to actually work together. I think all sets should be like that. Maybe better porn would get made.


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