Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Workout

I been feeling clear.....on my workout regiment and eliminating suckaz from my cypher.....I also been grinding extra hard, getting up early and starting my days on that power trip. I'm keeping it extra grilchy these days and have no time to be bothered by the nonsense. I don't even wanna shake hands, give out pounds, bearhugs or none of that shit except for meeting with a select few. I have hundreds of associates, less than a hand full of friends and then I have family. Only winners in my circumference. Isn't it funny how that circle gets smaller and smaller as you get older? I grew up being a pretty popular dude. Known for being mischievous, but good hearted. Wicked, yet kind. I was blessed to have been someone fellas wanted to be cool with and girls wanted to kick it with. I've had some of my dreams come true, I've also gone thru my share of struggles. What keeps me motivated, being the somewhat bi-polar artist I am is the fact that I always leave myself open for that next thing. Like I said, I've been blessed to experience alot at a young age. Alotta shit that most reg average people may not ever have the pleasure of experienceing, let alone know enough to even care about the experience in the first place. With me, I have to set the bar higher for myself constantly. It's what made me a good hustler. I constantly would have had enough(in someone elses standards) but I always wanted more. These days I am seeing on the web how things are overrated in my book. I'm thinking it's because people are settling for something and want other folks to settle as well or the fact that people have not experienced other things to know the difference between Filet Mignon and plain flank steak(I'm a NY Strip dude myself), but I feel a little bit jaded by it. I'm feeling like I may come off as a little arrogant at times, a little conceited other times, shit I may be at times.....I'm also a humble cat tho'. Dunno what it is, but I think it stems from being used to Better, because I've always PUSHED for better.

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