Thursday, October 15, 2009


Aiight, whattup to my g's who follow the kid!!!!! Nothing moving but the $. Been on my heavy excercise regiment, no dranking, no smoking, just stacking.....Clearing my head of all the bullshit....Enjoying listening and reading more than spitting and speaking. I've been working on art and just gaining knowledge, same time reflecting on past losses and triumphs. I don't know what it is but shit is seeming really blase to me at the current moment. Shit just doesn't move or excite me like that. NOTHING. I'm not depressed, I'm in a good place actually, but I feel like I need a major trip. Nothing fuels me like travel and with the new gig I've undertaken I haven't really been able to jetset like I had been the last few years....I've gone to New Orleans and Florida alot, but I needs to go home, sink into that east coast vibe and fully recharge my battery. Every time I go back to the crib (Philly,NJ,NY) I soak it up fully and bottle it and take it with me and become damn near unstoppble....Not to say I can be stopped already, but we move a lil differently, vibrate at a different speed, plus I get to build wit my crimey's I ran the streets with as a youth. Sometimes u need that perspective as well. I know for a fact, I can't do uptop for longer than a week or two tho' because u start falling into routine and that is never a good thing. I remember the routine for uptop and being settled and comfortable with shit, even tho' there is always something to do and the energy is crazy...once you adapt to it, it becomes boring. Trust me I know. Now I'm a minamalist, happy to just chill in the castle with the queen and get out every once in a while, still remaining low key. Trust, I feel that alot more than my previous life of running the streets crazy and sharpening my game by talking to multiple chicks and still going out to bag more.

Now I feel like a Jedi. One who has soaked up some wildlife and is rich with experiences on a global level. I give thanks to have lived a lifetime before the age of 20. In my 20's I did exactly what I was supposed to do as well. Take chances, go out on my own and make mistakes. Take advantage of opportunities and fully sharpen my blade. I was cool with hustlers who were in their 30's when I was 17 and 18 yrs old. I was wit a chick who was 37 when I was 18. I was in desolate hoods seeing shots pop peoples tops off and at the same time was connected in the burbs as well, being in million dollar homes.Seeing shit like red rock opium and being in the hoods where the labels on the baggies was the rep. "Yo got them Batman baggies over here", "Yo this that, choclate,skunk, afghani,hydro,Kill,Lah,etc. etc. These types of experiences allowed me to relate to folks on many different levels and being on the entertainment industry grind helped me to see through people very quickly. Even to this day, I meet the people who I admire in different professions and they always pull me to the side to build and drop jewels. I always feel good about the fact that people give me the time of day moreso than some pedestrian hi and bye shit. It shows that the energy I've harnessed still glows. Yeah, sometimes I test myself to see if I still got it. Really I don't care. It takes alot to be a dude who can bag a chick, get her wrapped up, then delete the number or throw it away quicker than it took to get it. You gotta test your discipline and set higher standards for yourself to truly be considered a champion. To the insecure, your humbleness may come across as arrogance....fuck em tho'.

My circle gets smaller and smaller as I grow, just like how the earth looks smaller and smaller the more you blow and elevate. I'm talking about space folks.....The planet is small, the galaxy is big. I ain't got time to sweat the terrestrial small shit. I may do my lil twitter rant and move on, but trust, I don't take none of this shit serious. Humor to me is when I see straight thru folks who do take themselves too serous and scream out for attention. The music industry is full of folks who just now are starting to develop an "ego". You can tell just by how they act and carry themselves now that they have a little bit of light on them, that they were totally unaccustomed to anyone ever paying attention to them. Some people may not be able to see through it but I can and have always been able to. It's humor. Same time tho' I take it as the fact that you are supposed to laugh alot during your day and these jokers and jesters provide the fuel for that comedy.

Nothing I love more than just sharpening the tip of my bullets, loading up and taking aim with the confidence that I'm gonna hit my mark. 1 shot 1 kill!

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