Monday, August 24, 2009


Feeling a lil blah today.....totally not caring......I ate a beef hamburger for the first time in years(been eating turkey burgers) and I can say that it is adversely affecting my body and my mood. I'm on detox mode again after that. I thought it would be good to switch it up, but It's got my gut feeling heavy, my attitude like fuck everybody and it's got me stuck like I just smoked a blunt. Maybe all that with a feeling of....hhmmmmm, best way to describe it is hmmmm dunno, boredom perhaps.....I been on intense paper chase for the last few months.......I fell back off twitter, been creating with the fam, have a special gem of a person holding down the bed and am relatively healthy....MOOD SWINGS, yeah, Idunno.....aint been piffing and I know that chemical withdrawl, aint been sipping but don't miss it. Maybe just a time to be reflective......ahhhh there it is. Time to totally fall back off the web, skip the bullshit people are talking about and read a few books and come up with some additional hustles. I'm definitely in a better place than I was last year, but everybody go thru some form of nuerotic depression even when everything is going good. I'm blessed, not depressed just really feeling like "who cares"


Dioracat said...

Man, I felt like that on Friday, and I have no idea why. I think partially 'cause the weather's been all fucked up out here. Maybe it's a weather thing for you too?

PS. I'm sad you been offline kinda, I cut Twitter off completely, but been around on FB.

m said...

My twitt account was suspended and I think it happened for the right reason because I've been feeling the need to fall back from people online and develop better offline and refine. With twitter you're not missing much although it was really fun last year meeting you on there....there were definitely good times and good conversations.

I broke down twitter like this yesterday.... in the beginning it was a really good TV show, then at it's peak it was like a good Movie, now it just seems like endless commercials, no substance.

Don't miss me, I'm here...soon as I get around to finishing up some music I'm sending it out to u btw.

Dioracat said...

Yeah, I heard that. I got all kinds of crazy shit going on now, lots of new developments, gonna try and stay positive on everything. I think I might be accepted for this great internship, but if I am, I'm gonna be HELLA busy for a minute.

You're right about Twitter, that's exactly how it was. Not to mention that shit is like Black Planet, you know? Damn.

I'll keep an eye out for the music!