Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm right here!!


Yeah!!!! vibing off the Power of activity. Been getting my run on.......summertime out at the park. Yeah, getting back in shape...terrorizing peoples grills and heavy chilling. Soaking up this summer sun. My vibe is real Alpha Omeg.....not to be confused with Alphamega, tho I don't know dude personally, but definitely enjoyed the energy he was bringing to the table....Anywhoo, hope y'all been lamping and living.....-breathe-

Yeah, tho I kinda fell back from the internets and putting my brainwaves towards this shit, I've been in the lab cooking up a few different souflees....dig it. My head is to the grindstone and I'm a million miles away from where I was even a few months ago. I know if you been following then you know I been positive most of the time with this blog, tho every Peak comes with valleys, I can honestly say that I'm growing pretty well. I'll be posting a lot more good shit and get back in the swing of things........heres a lil interview I did recently wit LacedOut, a lifestyle and flavor blog/magazine. Just some shit off the chest.......it feels good to vent....lolz....

Heres the interview LACED OUT INTERVIEW

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