Friday, July 24, 2009



Kenes just sent some mail......sketching stretching the barriers.......It actually works perfect for right now.

Vibrations.......Mind Wavelengths......yeah continued progress...............Now currently on the deck chilling fighting mosquitos taking it all in. Been a minute since I really went in with y'all. So yeah this one we call: the breather.

I've been beasting out with my homey Richie and building this Deck

and basically having some other company staying at the crib for the last 2 weeks.....Everybody made their trips and visits except my brother, but summer ain't over yet. As far as where I've's been hectic. I been trying to keep my tweets current tho, but as far as everything else I been just trying to get my head together. Buying a home is an undertaking, but buying 1 that you have to renovate is definitely extra......It's been 2 years since I've been here and it's like now is the first time I can say "yeah I'm feeling real comfy". Other than that, been working extra hard grinding, getting up everyday with the mindstate to getit. Not just show up, but excel past expectations. I'm a world away from last summer, so that can only be seen as a blessing and a half. I still have to see some projects to fruition but I'm further along on the path.

I actually got into an accident a week ago, but through all of the work I honestly didn't feel it. No real damage either, just some rear and front bumper damage. As well as some alignment and muffler stuff, but I'm also happy to say I just picked it up and after a week of rental(on their dime) I'm comfy. They basically handed me what looks like a new car as well. It felt so good to get the warranty when they handed it to me.

I'm still tired but I'm even. Feels great to be in this space....I got that Dionne Warwick Deja Vu on just so you can feel the wave I'm currently on:

Just wanna give thanks for where I am, the accomplishment feels butterworth.....When you climb a mountain it always feels great to stand on the top of that shit and just breathe the air. Take in the view and just Maintain. I'm on one of my jaunts, just ready for a weekend of rest and hopefully no drama........I gotta fade back..................

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