Saturday, July 11, 2009

INSPIRATIONAL: Jay Electronica

This cat Jay Electronica is easily the best artist I've heard in a few years........His energy and style reminds me of my homie Z from back in the day.....Deep with the sciences and substance. Literally this cat is the only person I've heard in a while who inspires me to write. This is the type of wave HipHop needs. He gets it in on teh twitters too, got P Diddy keeping an eye on him, but it reminds me of Dracula keeping an eye on Blade........ I say this becausethe energy and density of the lyrics is the antithesis of what the gatekeepers is letting slide thru now. This is literally the cat who can change the "game" back into HipHop. That's why I can see a major signing him just to shelf his works and throw away the key like "yeah, what you trying to kick knowledge?" "nah not while we got OJ the Juicy fruit and Coogi Mane, here take this advance and give us your publishing and your masters"

I gotta keep it unadulterated bone core essence. I like to speak freely, just cuz this is my blog/journal and I ain't looking for "hits", favors or affiliation with a label, like most other HipHop blogs, I can always keep it 100% wit y'all. Jay Electronica is someone worth your investigation.

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