Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some real shit

I felt my reply to my homie Sun perfectly embodies how I feel on some real life, real thought, real time shit so let me copy paste here so you all can see and step inside my astral plane for 2 seconds.

-based on my last post about becoming more disillusioned with twitter the more followers I get. Not just twitter tho' Internets life in general.

yeah man, shit is getting a lil well alot tired to me.......I can only take so much "political" and fake shit, I really loved twitter when I had less than 200 followers, I think it was the realest. I look at some of the "realest" cats I know and they have like 130 followers and I reminisce on my days like that. It's all g. Still love the info but I'm really allergic to corniness and fake ass wanna be Z list celebs who act like they need to put they stunna shades on like they really on some shit. I enjoy my privacy fam. I lived a few lifetimes and I ain't bitter at all. I honestly wanna get to that level where I can just fall back from it all, and that may come sooner than later......I may just dip offline(and outside public radar for a few months and pop back up renewed.) People can't read me or understand me for shit. They be like don't you want this? and don't you want that? and don't you want fame? all this trash, not understanding that I had been a dude used to attention and being thoro since I was a lil kid. It's hard trying to explain to folks with that mindstate that my life from 91-95 was almost like being a legend in a lot of different ways, so I was used to alot of different things, girls, money, wilding out, shiiiiit now my peace comes from sitting in my backyard by myself looking at my dog run around my back yard. When I try to explain that type of thinking, it's hard to relate to. Especially to these cornball ass dudes who was never "Live" and are now just "networking" and "mixing" with folks trying to get a "name" so that hopefully they can get a degree of "fame" so that hopefully they can get "laid" and maybe start to feel good about being themselves, if only for a day, just yearning to feel some sort of self worth where they totally feel like "yes I am ME"

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