Monday, June 1, 2009

Old NY

One of my personal favorite mc's and a good friend/ally in the artform known as HipHop Culture, I first met Vordul in 2001. I was at the Rocksteady Summer performance in NY that summer and I solidified a lot of good relationships and mutual admirations. I met basically the whole NY underground that summer and Cannibal Ox was definitely at the forefront. I've been blessed to have created art with these cats as well as bond on other levels....... From the time I met Mega he was always blessed wit that raw skill and freestyle built from raw grit. This was before he was faced with the craziness which comes from success and elevating yourself. We all have our inner and personal demons to face, but some of our struggles are deeper. Mega is definitely a soldier I keep in my prayers and thoughts and wish the best for him as I do with all the fam on my team. My thoughts ran to that Summer and I figured this would be a good time to give him some shine. Peep the Painting and Scream Phoenix wit this 1.

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