Monday, May 25, 2009

He's back

Yeah just had a restfull weekend in Florida..........chilled heavily with fam,maxed out hit the beach and flipped Turkey Burgers. It's good to catch up with the folk and get your stress in check. I feel like I gained years just from soaking up the Sun and their energy. I love being detached from makes coming back to the crib that much better. I been leaving tweets about the whole thing, but to fill y'all in it's been real. I got some big drops coming soon here as well as at

Only say that to say this, if y'all wanna catch up with me I'm here...or I'm there....or I'm on twitter...or I'm in the streets. I'm not hard to find. It's all about having all your eyes opened. I've been busy but thesecret is to make it effortless. Work hard.......I tend to feel like if you can't feel that burn when u work out u aint working hard enuff. I've been making sure that no matter what I've been doing it I have to feel like I've exerted myself. I have to feel exhausted physically but contented mentally. My energy been rotating something lovely. I know some of y'all have been keeping up wit me for months and during that time I've been maintaining...standing strong even in the midst of adversity and attrition. I have my energy channelled and harnessed to where it has me on my pivot like a Top. I'm spinning too rapidly, now the real trick is not to spin out of control, but to gracefully draw em in and hypnotize em while they don't even see.hahahahahhahahahahha yeah, I'm there.

Stay Tuned


Dioracat said...

Maybe one day when I grow up I'll be able to have your outlook and energy. :/

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