Monday, December 7, 2009

A sad state

This is one of the reasons why I tell the kids and aspiring artists to have a solid foundation before they start "dreaming" about music. Especially in this digital age where physical product isn't selling just off the merit of it being dope. Even indie groups who make their living on the road are having a time of it keeping up their lifestyle. Notice how many multi-multi millionaires you see in the industry working like they have $20 in their bank accounts and freezing out new talent or competition unless they are directly affiliated with the artist, and even then, the artist is still going to have to wait on the premier artist to want to give up some of the ever addictive limelight or shine. I was a fan of G-Dep because I could feel the streets in his flow. The grilch that comes from sharpening swords in the streets and not in a home studio. His pre diddy mixtape appearances made me a believer. His bad boy album had a few joints too, "Child of the Ghetto" in particular, but G-Dep is also an addict. His addiction is a character weakness, a destructive one. Usually fueled by fame's fleeting glance. The fame biz is one of highs and lows, Extreme High's (in St. Bart's wit Puff having menage's) to being back freestyling in front of the corner store with nowhere else to be and people not returning your phone calls. Everyone is a little bipolar, but it's things like this that will push you over the edge that you are already dangling off of.


Goldi gold said...

Damn, that's some sad shit for real. it got worse during the freestyle. I hope it works out for the brother for real

M said...

yeah fam, it's hard to watch the face of addiction