Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Wassssup!!!! introducing the SCALPEL....that's my new concept. I'm cutting thru the bullshit. Been on a hell of a creative spurt of late, but with great creativity and energy comes alot of stress and exhaustion. I've been chilling but my mental energy has been drained. It's dealing with a lot of artists on different schedules. It's all good, my vision came out how I wanted and I'm thankful. I actually been laying off the web as a whole as well, limiting my internets time to reflect on stillness of mind. I was scouring the web checking out 100 sites a day, even that shit can strain your mental, reading a book a day type shit. Anyways, just checking in, feeling good cuz I got a call from my fams from Phila who been bidding and is free, and spitting!!!!! It was a strong convo....He actaully told me I been a thoro dude since back day and in this day and age, to get respect from a homie I aint spoken too in 10 yrs is real as fuck. So many fly by night folks and fake outnumber the real...so it's def a good look.

Heres some cake


Mikey McFly™ said...

That Book is changing my perception

M said...

GREAT....man I'm glad