Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bongo Cazongo

Yeah every year I log in here to smell the fumes and leave positivity. Hope everyone is good. We've elevated to new worlds. Peace

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Follow the new

Things never stay the same. Change is the only thing that is permanent. This Change is good tho'. We've elevated folks. Please if you followed me here. Follow me over here as well.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday in the A

Crazy energy out in Atlanta this weekend. 1st some of the premier sneaker afficionado's from all over the World are converging on ATL for Greg Streets Sneaker Friends function. Also Converse is having a b-ball tournament featuring Jim Jones(Cam'ron actually made a guest appearance), Jay Electronica, Sean Price and some other folks. There's also a Sean Price show tonite as well as Mayweather rematch with Sugar Shane Moseley. Also some good folks in town, but this is a positive weekend to start thinking about Summer and stacking. From the end of June to the End of July, I'm anticipating alot of craziness. Really all summer, but I'm planning on doin alot of travelling between those times.

EDIT: Caught up with Sean P! that show and chopped it up wit him and Sha Stimuli! Real Talk and a dope show = Winners in the Circle

The Gritty Committee presents Sean Price Live from Lex Boogie on Vimeo.

Monday, April 26, 2010

DAME DASH ,yup I can relate


The enigmatic Dame Dash. Dame is an influence on me I can honestly say. YUP! Asshole because he's so adamant and passionate about his interests. I can relate. Aggressive to the point it's frightening to some. Again, I can relate. Saw two interesting articles you need to check. Peep




I hope for the best for Dame. Starting with fresh new talent like Curren$y and companies like Creative Control is a great start. I'm gonna sit down with him one day......WATCH!


M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

New M.I.A video "Born Free'. Not to many artists seeing all. The freedom and depth of expression set her apart on a whole other level. It's about message and artistry. I really wish our Industry wasn't so soft and dickrider based and political, even Puritanical. We have the means to do it but no one wants to ruffle any feathers for fear of not being invited to the party and be able to tell tales of all the metrosex cats they got a chance to "hobnob" with. Part of the reason I'm kept on the outskirts and negative things are said about me is because I look at folks the same and I'm never overly excited to meet folks. Some people are insulted when you don't kiss their feet and you look at them directly in their eyes. It reminds them that at the end of the day there are folks out there who don't give a fuck about whatever their selling and it makes em uncomfortable. You either a yes man or a yes maaaam! or your ignorant and deemed someone not worthy of their presence. You don't know how many faces I've laughed in Loooolz when folks expected me to be blown away by meeting them. I keeps it 1 million so anyone expecting otherwise is in for a rude sleep, then a rude awakening..enjoy

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catch me if u can.......

is the new hustle. Yes I'm still expanding until I build up to the or something along those lines of that nature. I can't put my creativity into a box.

So many different interests and a hunger for more. I have a really amazing summer planned. Lots of getting fresh and traveling. Been soaking up alot of gems and the 1 I want to spread to you is that YOU are your content. YOU are your commodity. Once you realize your worth you can start charging appropriately. I'm blessed because alot of other blooggggers(or beams of light and thought bearers of collective consciousness) feel my wavelength and the ideas I bring forth. Dunno why, but it's a good feeling to inspire those folks I'm inspired by. Now it's about synthesizing appropriately. Some of y'all have been keeping up with me for a while. You've seen some sort of growth I hope. My Twitter page has usurped this particular blog, but it has given birth to the tumblr page above you. It's actually a more compact version of here. I don't have to get too wordy, and I can incorporate my photography alot more. It's getting me better at this actually. Again, I'm one of those rare cases of a dude who has actually been in the culture, street level, artist level, managing level, style level,journalist level, performer level. Not too many bloggers actually have that type of experience. They speak from the point of view as strictly fan/critic who have no experience hands on with the culture. That is one of the reasons I try to push thru and spread the word and maintain my relevance. Unfortunately I'm in the minority as far as my voice is concerned. Most people in power don't want to see a dude like myself get thru because their power becomes limited. Who is going to listen to some geek who was never hands on with the culture, but has a popular site because they have become a hub for artists who are confused as to how to use this new medium? I'm dangerous because of my standards and ethics and experience. Follow my daily struggle on twitter and peep this intereting drop from my homie Dallas.

HipHop Bloggers "If I Ruled the Blogosphere." from Words Beats & Life on Vimeo.

HipHop Bloggers "If I Ruled the Blogosphere." pt 2 from Words Beats & Life on Vimeo.