Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I was gonna leave this 1..........Dear John letter shit.....but, I owe more to those who actually read this blog and enjoy it. Where have I been? Yeah as you can tell I been in flux for a while. I been grinding working as a Vid tech early in the am, streaming video from all over the world. I've been recording/producing expressing my art and staying creative. I've been travelling, I've been working on my home and I've been planning and networking for the future. Now to some, that won't seem like alot on the plate, but mix all that in with keeping the daily stresses and struggles at bay and keeping ones self healthy. I have been getting lazy with wanting to even dedicate the time to blogging. I have a ton of pics from my latest travels that may or may not see the light of day in this format. I just haven't been feeling giving people myself/thoughts/etc. I've been feeling like holding more for delf and being selfish. Not to say I am selfish, but as a creative person and "true" artist who paints life's canvas I honestly don't always feel inspired.

Some pretty great things have happened lately.

I got a chance to go up top and see a lot of friends I grew up with from like 6 years old. I got a chance to reconnect with family and further center myself. I released another free download project in 2009 which has been getting alot of positive feedback from those who took time and listened. I got to meet personally some folks I have only known online. I also have been presented with new opportunities.

I'm looking at doing some more work with this music and expanding the catalogue. I love the culture so this is more labor of love as opposed to business.

I'm guiding the brilliant direction of those others around me. Broady International, focusing on my company 4th Eye Media LLC and continuing to help with the expansion of www.thegrittycommittee.com <-Please if u follow me here, follow me over there and support that movement.

I've been invited to contribute to 1 of the fastest growing and hottest blogs around " Combat Jack's Daily Math http://daily-math.com/weblog/ <- Please check me and the other brilliant writers over there as well. Huge potential for that movement.

I plan on going back and furthering education by obtaining a cert for Networking( hey now in the present is when you handle the future)

Plotting more travel and expression and making my mark. Thanks for your taking time to come and visit this blog. The funny thing about this blog was that it was just my practice to get the Gritty Committee off the ground. I never intended to be here as much as I was. I just got into a groove and truly enjoyed the outlet. I may eventually revitalize this place with new energy, but my plate has been extra full. Expect some of the classic posts and some of the favorites to reappear at either Daily Math or the Gritty.....Hey no need to waste any good posts that maybe only 6 or 7 people saw....lolz.....

oh yeah as always I'm on twitter. Thanx for giving me a few seconds of your time. The positive reinforcement also helped push me further than I could have imagined.